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Membership Dues
& Donations


Our 4 member organizations pay a yearly fee to support the functioning of the APRN Alliance. The AK APRN Alliance Dues Methodology was developed to share costs as equitably as possible among our four member organizations (AKANA, ANPA, AK CNS, & AAACNM).

Membership dues do NOT cover the yearly Strategic Board Meeting or expenses to travel to Washington D.C., and in recent years, we have been unable to fund trips to Juneau to speak with state legislators. Expenses not covered by the yearly membership dues are covered through significant donations of each Alliance board member, and monthly donations of other APRNs across the state. The AK APRN Alliance does NOT employ an Executive Director or Administrator; all work done by the AK APRN Alliance at this time is due to the dedication and commitment of its completely VOLUNTEER Board of Directors.


Donations to the AK APRN Alliance are used to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lobbyist, fund some of the yearly administrative costs which include printing materials, distribution of materials, paying for yearly fees (i.e. QuickBooks), paying membership fees for our healthcare partner organization (i.e. Alaska Hospital & Healthcare Association [AHHA]), and much more. 

YOUR donation increases Alaskan APRNs representation and visibility, leading to increased ability to have a seat at the table for important healthcare discussions.

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