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Ways and Reasons

As nurse leaders, nurse practitioners play an essential role in understanding and advocating for health policy. New government officials, new bill proposals, and outside interests have the potential of altering the direction of health care every day, emphasizing the need for APRNs to stay abreast on current affairs and actively participate in decision making in order to protect their practice and their patients.

Nurse practitioners who advocate for health policies can influence practice in their state and national levels, depending on the level of the health policy.

The resources below provide an opportunity to learn more about ways to get involved as well as  state and national health policies impacting your practice. 




Juneau February 2020.  Carrie Doyle CNS, 2020 APRN Alliance President, Cathy Giessell FNP, Current Alaska State Senate President, Marisa Bune, CNP, 2021 President elect- APRN Alliance.

Ways to Get Involved
  • Join an APRN Alliance Advocacy visit to the Alaska State Capitol with others in Juneau, Alaska.

  • Write to your state or federal legislators regarding a policy bill.

  • Join a nursing organization that lobby on behalf of your practice and patients

  • Join a health policy committee to help formulate health policy priorities

Alaska State Resources
National Resources
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