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Our membership consists of all 4 APRN specialty groups in Alaska. All APRNs who have active licenses in the state and are active members in their respective professional associations are welcome to attend meetings and volunteer for leadership positions of the Alaskan APRN Alliance. We also encourage Alaskan APRN students to attend and get involved.

Donate To APRN Alliance

Our member groups contribute yearly dues. In the future, we are considering individual memberships, in order to assure our long term financial sustainability. These dues fund the retention of our lobbyist, our business fees, and we hope to provide limited assistance for officers and members to travel to Juneau for advocacy in the future. This is a critical aspect of the work.

Please consider making a donation to the Alaska APRN Alliance today.

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome all APRNs from all 4 specialty groups in Alaska to attend our meetings and get involved. New Board Members (Officers and Directors-At-Large) are needed on a yearly basis.

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