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Policy Priorities
Current Policy Priorities

Last update December 23, 2023

To learn more about current bills, check out:

HB 392 Regs for APRN Signature Authority Act

Nursing Licensure Compact

APRN Payment Equity & 85% of the Physician Fee Schedule

Federal Telehealth Regulations/Ryan Haight Act

80th Percentile Rule Repeal, DOI

Federal ICAN Act

Alaska State Legislature


Click here

At the bottom of the page on the Alaska State Legislature website is a place you can enter your address to find your specific representatives.  There are also navigation links on that page to view all Alaska State Senate and House Representatives.

2024 Committees & their Chairs

Workforce Survey & Reimbursement Equity Committee

Chair: CNP Teresa Lyons

Committee Members: CNP Stephanie Wrightsman-Birch, CRNA Pam Boyleston, CNP Lisa Jackson, CNP Morgan Brissette

Legislative Committee

Chairs: CRNA Chris Logan & CNP Marieke Heatwole & CNP Stephanie Wrightsman-Birch

Committee Members: CNP Marianne Johnstone-Petty & CNP Sara Kozup

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